Keep Montana Green

2019 Board of Directors

  • Tim Ryan, President - Red Lodge Fire & Rescue
  • Mike Kopitzke, Vice President – Land Fire and Water, LLC
  • Mike DeGrosky, Secretary/Treasurer – Montana DNRC​
  • Chad Bauer - Republic Services
  • Larry Bush - retired fire professional


Red Lodge Fire Rescue

About Keep Montana Green

Our Story

Since Keep Montana Greens (KMG) formation at the end of World War II, we have been dedicated to the prevention of human-caused wildfires. KMG was formed in 1945, chartered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 1961, and is governed by a Board of Directors representative of its membership. KMG maintains active public education and media programs focused on the prevention of wildfires in Montana.

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Help prevent human-caused wildfire with Keep Montana Green. Your support will help reduce human caused wildfires and protect Montana’s vast natural resources.

Missoula Fire Department

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