Here you will find a variety of resources available for your use. Whether you are a citizen wanting to learn how you can prevent wildfires, a fire professional, or a teacher seeking resources to utilize in the classroom. We hope that the available information is helpful to you. If you do not find something you are looking for feel free to contact Crystal Beckman 406.542.4251 for assistance.

Take Action is a campaign that provides resources and projects that benefit young adults, their families and neighbors, along with pets, horses and even local water sources. Get involved through an individual or family project, or do a community service project that reduces wildfire risks, or post-fire impacts like flooding and mudslides. 

Learn why you should get involved and become empowered! Share the Wildfire Facts, Community Service and Pets/Horses videos with your friends and start making plans that will make you, your pets and entire neighborhood better prepared for a future wildfire. Click Here or on the above image for more information and resources.

Fire Prevention Resources:

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